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Perhaps one of the most well-known animes in America, this is a show about ninjas. Yes, ninjas. However, you'll hardly ever see anyone in this show wearing all black so that only their eyes can be seen, shuffling around in a forest at night. No, these are a completely new kind of ninja. The kids in Naruto wear regular clothes and use chakra.
But that still doesn't tell you much about the show, does it?
Naruto Uzumaki is a kid who belongs to the Leaf Village. (The different areas in his world are separated into villages.) He doesn't have any parents. He lives by himself in a lonesome apartment. All of the villagers avoid him, since he has a demon-the Nine-Tailed Fox-locked inside of him. It was locked inside of him when he was a child in order to save the entire village. Though that should give him a place of honor in the village, it has only given him one of shame.
So, Naruto decides to become a ninja. No, more specifically, he decides he wants to be hokage. (The head of the village-like the president or the mayor.) That way, Naruto will definitely prove all of them wrong. At least, that's his reasoning.
And it all goes on from there. Suddenly Naruto's getting into all wacky situations and making friends with all sorts of strange characters. You'll learn to love Sasuke (or hate him, take your pick), the last Uchiha, and laugh at Sakura's rages and her inner personality.
Don't expect to be laughing constantly, though. The main thing about this show is that, while it's funny, it's also serious. Every one of the characters has some sort of problem or desire they want fulfilled. They have futures that are uncertain. They're struggling to find their way, just like regular kids.
The only downside to this show is that, at times, it can be slightly inappropriate. It almost makes me wonder how a station like Cartoon Network managed to get away with having Naruto on there. But those times are few and far in between.
Over all, Naruto is an excellent show. I highly recommend it.

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