Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tsubasa-the manga

If you've ever heard of Cardcaptor Sakura, you'll love this show.
Not that this show is anything like that. Trust me, it's not even close. The only thing is that the two main characters (Syaoran Li and Sakura) are the same.
They're the same, but they're not.
But you'll understand soon.
Essentially, this is a touching story about two friends. Sakura and Syaoran have practically grown up together. Had none of this happened, maybe they would have simply spent their entire lives together, or even gotten married. Syaoran could have become the King of Clow Country (as Sakura was the princess). He could have viewed all the different architectual designs he wanted. He might have gotten Sakura's brother to actually like him. (Or hate him less.) Maybe none of this would have happened.
Somehow, I doubt that.
Sakura's memories were split into numerous feathers, scattered across all dimensions. The only way to get them back was to visit the Dimensional Witch, otherwise known as Y√Ľko. She grants wishes-for a price. Usually it's your most valuable possession. Two others have come to her as well: Kurogane and Fai D. Fluorite. Everyone must pay a price to go on their journey together. For Fai, it's a tattoo on his back. For Kurogane, it's his sword. For Syaoran and Sakura, it's their relationship.
The story follows the characters as they go to various dimensions, with a small creature named Mokona, looking for Sakura's feathers. The thing about these different dimensions is that they contain people who are the same-but different. They include people with the same faces and personalities, only different experiences. (For example, you could see Sakura's brother multiple times, only he would never know Sakura.) This is a wonderful manga series, from the great mangaka, CLAMP. The thing that makes this story so engaging is that there are many underlying plots and complex characters. Each one has their own problems. They are never how they seem.
Will Sakura and Syaoran stay together? Who knows?
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