Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Agh, Bugs! a review on Mushi-shi (the anime)

Mushi-shi is an incredible anime. It has all you could want: an interesting story, beautiful art…Of course, if you’ve come here for action, you’ve chosen the wrong anime.
Mushi-shi is an engaging story about mushi. What are mushi? you ask. Mushi are bugs that aren’t really bugs. (No, it doesn’t make sense.) They’re supernatural beings whose existence can upset the balance of the world around them. Most humans can’t see them. Mushi are particularly bad for humans to be around. Strange things happen when these two worlds-of mushi and humans-mix.
So, mushi aren’t bugs. But to save me from explaining something that I still don’t quite understand, we’ll just think of them as bugs.
The mushi-shi in this story (the person who is an expert on these bugs) is a strange man by the name of Ginko. Little is known about him. He doesn’t have a home. He simply travels the world, helping people deal with mushi.
The stories in this series are engaging. You can find strange people (after all, is a series any good without strange people?) and odd circumstances. And if these don’t hook you, you can stare at the breathtaking graphics. Overall, this is a wonderful series. If I had the time to watch another anime all over again, I’d pick this one.
So, come explore the fascinating world of mushi! Watch Mushi-shi.

(Picture from Photobucket and not of my own creation. Mushi-shi is a Funimation series, also not of my creation.)

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