Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't choose you, Pikachu! the Pokemon Tragedy

Thinking about becoming part of the Pokemon franchise?

Well, think again.

Pokemon was an innocent TV show about a boy (Ash) who wanted to become a Pokemon trainer. (Pokemon is directly translated as "pocket monsters.") Basically, he travels around the globe with his two friends, Brock and Misty, fighting different people and entering different tournaments, all in the hope of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

Pros: There aren't really any pros for this series. Sure, it used to be great. It was once just a nice TV show about imaginary creatures, one that you could watch and be entertained with for a while. But now...
One pro would be that, since there are so many episodes, chances are you'll find your name in one.

Cons: This series should have ended a while again. Now, there are thousands of episodes. If you haven't been watching from the beginning, it's virtually impossible to catch up. Plus, Misty (one of the original main characters) has completely disappeared. Pikachu has never evolved. He never will. I don't think Ash has become a Pokemon trainer. If he hasn't by now, he won't. Now, this series seems like an awful scheme to get money. There are tons of Pokemon merchandise. Also, there is no depth to the series. Though Misty had a crush on Ash, that storyline was never explored. Brock never finds a girl. All it is a boy who won't stop running around the planet, obsessing over Pokemon.

Overview: Don't watch it. Sure, if you want to see the first few seasons, that's great. If you ever come to a part of the series that seems like the end, don't continue. It's just not worth it. The series goes around in circles. Like they say, all good things must come to an end. For Pokemon, the end couldn't come fast enough.

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