Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh I wish… an Xxxholic review (the anime)

Watanuki Kimihiro (Japanese name order) is extremely unfortunate.
His parents died when he was a young kid, so he had to be raised by his landlord. His crush- Himawari-chan- seems oblivious to his feelings. He seems fated to always be around his least favorite person, Doumeki. To top it all off, Watanuki sees spirits.
They see him, too.
On a day when a spirit is chasing him, Watanuki desperately starts running. When he does that, he feels drawn to a house at the end of the block. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what happens later), that house is owned by Yuuko Urahara. Otherwise known as the Dimensional Witch.
Yuuko’s house is one that can’t be entered unless someone has a wish. She is a granter of wishes. People come to her for a large variety of supernatural problems. According to her, Watanuki coming is not coincidence. It is not chance. It is only hitsuzen (inevitability).
Yuuko has Watanuki work for her, in her strange shop. Along the way, he meets Maru and Moro, strange little girls who don’t have souls. They only exist to protect the shop. Watanuki also meets Black Mokona, the opposite of the Mokona in Tsubasa. He also caters to Yuuko’s every wish and tags along when she visits with people who need her help.
If you like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, you’ll like this series. The two stories are closely intertwined, along with other CLAMP series. The only downsides here are Yuuko’s taste for alcohol and her desire to wear revealing clothing. Other than that, it is a wonderful series. Unfortunately, it ends rather quickly. It doesn’t answer any of the questions it has brought up. Also, the anime doesn’t connect with the Tsubasa anime as much as the mangas did. If you read the manga, this anime is okay to watch. They don’t present any new storylines that I can remember, but they also don’t ruin the rest of the manga.
Still, it makes for an interesting anime. If you like animes that are thought provoking, you’ll love this one. Enjoy!
Watch here!

(Picture from photobucket and not of my own creation! Xxxholic is a Funimation series, and you can watch it on their site as well.)

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